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Basic Membership Includes:

  • Website with personalized domain

  • Email addresses for you and your staff

  • “Apply Now” feature that sends new applicants directly to your email

  • Your contact info and photo on your site

  • Discounts on SFG Conference Registration and SFG Store Merchandise

Click the icon  for the Owner's Circle Registration form and  sign up today!

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Builders Accountability Mastermind 



 Find people:                                                         

  • Warm Market: friends and family

  • Craigslist ads

    • Do not post on top of others, allow 24 hours

    • Do not use Symmetry logos

    • Best times to place are late evening or early morning, depending on time zone for the location you choose

    • Post consistently per your weekly goals

    • You should average between 4 and 8 responses per ad

    • You should average a 10%-20% welcome packet return rate

    • Post Craigslist ads where the leads are

      • You already know to post craigslist ads where we have training events. Did you know that it's also a great idea to post craiglist ads where the leads are? An abundant supply of existing leads means your brand new agents can start seeing families and making money right away without any delay. We will give you important updates about the best markets to post your craigslist ads in.


  • Resumes - SFG has special relationships and pricing with Zip Recruiter and Career Builder

Download Our Zip Recruiter Guidelines

Download Our Career Builder Guidelines

Zip-Recruiter Tutorial

Please watch this video as a Training for Zip Recruiter.  We will go over what works and answer your questions after you have reviewed the training.   Please write down all of your questions and we will answer your questions, let's schedule a time to do this next week!

First Interview

Your mission is to Qualify people.

  • Current Job and Background

  • No more than 3-5 minutes long. Let the video explain the model. lead generation program and compensation. (Exception: a licensed agent who is looking for solid leads. Then you may briefly explain how the leads are generated and refer them to the email for more information.)

Email Corporate Overview

Send Email with Link to Business Overview Video

(Copy and Paste the below text into an email)

Below you are going to find a link to our company overview.  It does a great job of explaining our business model.  Explains how we get paid and how we get promoted.  Make sure that you watch that so you will have a few questions when you call back.

After you view the Corporate overview ,  please give me a call or text (put in your phone #) so I can set you up for the next step of the interview process. 


Feel free to view our website below.


Best regards,
Hiring Manager/Field Underwriter

Symmetry Financial Group 

Retirement & Mortgage Protection Specialist




Second Interview

  • Your mission is to build belief (tell stories), set expectations and promote the next local and national event

    • Hello _____! Did you get a chance to look at the information?

    • Great! What part were you attracted to the most? (Tell stories after they speak)

    • Are you looking to start part-time or full-time? (Tell stories after they speak about those who are doing well at part-time or full time)

    • Are you looking to build an agency here a well? (Tell stories after they speak about those who choose to build an agency early on and what that did for their business. Talk about the opportunity to build an agency and create passive income!!)

    • Set Expectations - Go thru the numbers (attached)

    • Welcome to the team!

    • Go thru Company Expectations (attached)

    • Go thru next steps: Tell them what to expect

    • Send welcome packet

    • Once returned we will send you discount code for study course (unlicensed agent)

    • Once returned we will start you on product training (4 most popular products (licensed agent)

  • Download the phone script HERE

  • New Producer Packet and Welcome Letter HERE

Thanks for doing business with us.

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[ Phone ]
[ Address ]

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