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Shawn Shannon:Pasadena, MD

Shawn Shannon first became licensed to sell supplemental insurance products with Aflac in 2010 after spending almost 10 years in the mortgage business. "It was a revolving door and not an environment of production, productivity, or success." Though disheartened, shawn still saw the insurance business as a profitable opportunity , but one which he needed the right vehicle for goal achievement. Since joining Symmetry Financial Group, Shawn says the difference is night and day. "Symmetry has the caliber of individuals i admire and what to be associated with. Symmetry has what other insurance companies lack. Symmetry has an environment of production, the support, structure, training, competition, and teamwork. When asked where he would be without Symmetry, Shawn replied "probably floating around in the corporate world still searching for an opportunity." Shawn believes that "this is a company where you can achieve any goal you have set out to attain. The training is in place, the mentorship will get you to where you want to go, the promotions are within reach and the career track is set out. The one characteristic here that makes all the difference, is that anything that you want to get out of the company is possible. You just have to put in the effort and make it happen."

Managing Vice President

Courtney Wallace:Pasadena, MD

Courtney Wallace is the Executive Assistant to Managing Vice President, Shawn Shannon. Courtney began her journey here at Symmetry in May of 2018. Shortly after being here Courtney saw what Symmetry had to offer and by October of 2018 she was licensed in both Life and Health Insurance. In spring of 2019 Courtney graduated from Towson University with a Bachelors Degree in Political Science. Courtney's plan was to further her education by attending law school. When asked what changed her mind her response was " In such a short amount of time here at Symmetry I discovered the power of having a business that offers both passive and residual income. The company culture, the balance, the outstanding mentorship that was what I wanted. The sky is the limit here at symmetry because the possibilities are endless. If I could go back in time and change one aspect of my life, it would to have been introduced to Symmetry sooner. Symmetry saved me." 

Executive Assistant

Dana Else:Virginia Beach, VA

Welcome to the Else Agency, one of the fastest growing teams at Symmetry Financial Group! Agency Director Dana Else comes from a background in restaurant management, sales management, and non-profit fundraising. Dana considers this combination of skills development in her past as natural stepping stones to her destined path of success here. She attributes her ability to become an Agency Owner in just one year, without any prior insurance experience, to the amazing Symmetry system and culture. 


"Welcome to the opportunity that will finally pay you for your activity and hard work, yet allow the time to enjoy the family you work so hard for!" ~Dana Else

Agency Director 

David Brown:Halethorpe, MD

Agency Owner 

David A Brown and his wife Julie went to their first Symmetry Conference in Raleigh NC back in August 2015.  He and his wife were so blown away about this opportunity and culture of the people here at Symmetry.  So much so that while driving home together to his hometown in MD he said to he wife Julie, “I think I found my work home”.  The reason for this newfound hope was during David’s previous 8 years he was working as a Loan Officer under a Mortgage Broker and though that was his ticket to the promise land. How wrong he was. He spent most of his time building someone elses dream.  Right before David found Symmetry, he was broke and broken and really didn’t know what to do.  “Symmetry saved me and gave me new life and purpose to help me become the best version of myself”.  “It pulled me out of financial struggle and gave me tools to be a better Husband, father to my two girls and a better friend”. “Symmetry has allowed me to take ownership of my life and my future.” Since then David became the top 5 producers in all of Symmetry 2016, in his first full year in the business and followed up at top 7 in 2017!  David has won several trips hosted by the insurance carriers and Symmetry. 5 to be exact!  “I am so grateful for what Symmetry has done for me and for my family.  This vehicle is everything you make it to be and more.  With a lot of hard work and patients you will find glory here if you want it.”  I am grateful for the owners of the company and my mentors along the way”.  David says he is still growing everyday and is looking forward to continuing this amazing journey building a team and helping his agents find the glory here as well.

Tracy Fifer:Evans, GA

Tracy Fifer joined Symmetry Financial Group in 2015 after 15 years in the Restaurant & Hospitality business.  The largest benefit that Tracy says he’s experienced since joining Symmetry can be summed up in one word: time. “I really wanted to be around for children growing up and not working holidays, nights, and weekends with extended hours. I was primarily looking for a better lifestyle in order to take better care of myself and spend time with my family.” Beyond the crucial benefit in freedom of time, Tracy expresses how great a culture there is to be had at Symmetry.


 “… The outstanding culture and association with such great people is a huge benefit. Having a sense of purpose for a greater cause more than money is also a great feature of working with SFG.” - Tracy

Agency Owner 

Brad Shinavar & Jessie Laiken:Baltimore, MD

Agency Owner and Elite Producer, Brad Shinavar joined Symmetry Financial Group after a 17 year career in Corporate America. While meeting success in his previous endeavors, Brad was left searching for something more fulfilling. With Symmetry he found an opportunity for uncapped earning potential and a proven system that creates massive opportunity and wealth. "SFG is the rocket ship that's enabled me to grow exponentially in all areas of my life. It's helped me live a life of purpose each day with every family I help. What I love about this opportunity is that we get paid in direct proportion to how much we care about others, both our clients and the agents on our team." Brad’s partner in business and wife, Jessie Laiken, comes from a background in education and counseling psychology. They have two sons and live in horse country in northern Baltimore County, Maryland. “Running a home business has given us the ability to create a legacy for our boys while still having the autonomy and flexibility to be there for them.” 

Agency Owner 

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